Economic Club Signature Series

The Economic Club of Canada is proud to present a number of signature events each year that break tradition and offer our members and guests something fresh and exciting.

A Rare Disease Strategy for all Canadians

The Economic Club of Canada is pleased to host a cross-country tour aimed at rallying Canadians to take action to make Canada’s Rare Disease Strategy a reality. This collaborative strategy, which was developed by the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) in consultations with patients, governments, as well as public and private sector groups, has five main action goals to improve the lives of people with rare diseases:

  1. Improving early detection and prevention
  2. Providing timely, equitable and evidence-informed care
  3. Enhancing community support
  4. Providing sustainable access to promising therapies
  5. Promoting innovative research

Canada's Energy Agenda: Getting it Right

The Economic Club of Canada, in partnership with Senator Doug Black, is pleased to present a nation-wide discussion tour promoting energy literacy in Canada, focusing on issues such as Aboriginal engagement, environmental innovation and market access. The mandate of this series is to educate Canadians on the development of our energy resources, and discuss ways in which Canada can responsibly maximise its energy resources to benefit all Canadians. Moderated by Bill Morris, Senior Managing Director and Canada President at Accenture, this series will offer guests the opportunity to interact with Canada’s top energy executives from across Canada.

The Diplomatic Chat Series

Join the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa for a series of discussions led by International and Canadian Representatives, Ambassadors and High Commissioners who will take our podium to discuss the most important foreign policy matters in the international political arena. This series was created to provide a voice for the vibrant Diplomatic Community in Ottawa to educate policy makers, industry leaders and senior government officials from across Canada regarding the social, economic and political impacts of international issues.

Voice of Hope Award Gala

The Economic Club of Canada created the annual VoH Award in 2012 as a way to recognize outstanding humanitarians who are making a difference across the globe. The gala is an unforgettable evening hosted in our nation’s capital, featuring inspiring stories, live entertainment, gourmet food and an audience comprised of Canada’s business and political elite.

Annual Energy Summit

Each fall, The EC hosts an Annual Energy Summit in Calgary, Alberta. This Summit brings together policy makers, industry leaders and senior government officials from across North America for an in-depth look into Canada’s energy future with a focus on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. The full day agenda will feature an extensive list of panelists, including several federal and provincial ministers and CEOs who all have comprehensive knowledge about a range of topics and issues relating to energy policy.

Economic Outlook

The Economic Club of Canada is proud to present the most important financial event of the year: the gathering of the Chief Economists from Canada’s largest banks. Every January these economists come together on one panel to provide insight, opinions, and to discuss their predictions for the upcoming year.

Healthcare Outlook

Each year a select expert panel, comes together to discuss and debate the desire to uphold the monumental principle of universally accessible healthcare and the staggering financial burden of delivering on that promise. The discussion always goes beyond the current ideological standoff that grips this debate and zeroes in on the difficult policy choices required to find a solution.

Financial Literacy Panel

Each year our expert panel leads a discussion on financial literacy education and personal money management. This panel will explore the current work being done in this area and what still needs to be done to ensure that every Canadian is Financially Literate.

Jr. Economic Club

The Jr. Economic Club of Canada was created to inspire Canadian youth to become financially literate. We believe that young people across our nation need to understand the basics of finance and personal money management. Each year high school students from across Ontario join us for “A Day on Bay”. This high profile field trip gives students a firsthand experience of Toronto’s Financial District while simultaneously teaching them the fundamentals of finance. Students learn about making smart financial decisions, budgeting, compound interest, investing, trading, financial services and portfolio management. Our high energy and interactive day is guaranteed to teach students practical money skills and create memories that will last a life time. Contact our office for more information or to sign up your school.

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Bay Street Boot Camp

This program is an extension of our Day on Bay school year. This 5 day summer course works to prepare high school students for university and working in the real world. Students will have the opportunity to hear from a range of special guest speakers and industry leaders all while participating in fun activities. Topics covered include Banking and Finance, Resume Writing and Interviewing, Building your Professional Brand, Mental Health and Bullying, Wellness and Nutrition, as well as an in depth focus on Entrepreneurship. At the end of the week students participate in a “Dragon’s Den” style event where they pitch their business plans to a group of VIP’s for a chance to win amazing prizes and academic scholarships. To find out more information or sign up for next year’s session call us today.

The SHE Series

This exclusive series of events will bring together professional women from across the country face to face with the most influential women of our time to discuss everything from work life-balance through to economic policy. Join our mailing list today to get access to our next event.

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