Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events do you organize?

Whether it’s a speech, a round-table, a book launch, a meeting or a reception the Economic Club of Canada stages events that are informative and relevant to Canadians. When people appear at the Economic Club they aren’t re-telling history, they are making history. This is a platform for newsmakers of the day.

How often do you hold events?

We organize and host 2-3 events per week.

How quickly can you organize an event?

We can find a venue, sell tickets and alert the media within days if necessary. The Economic Club of Canada is designed for decision makers who are breaking news and want to effectively drive a message into the living rooms of Canadians.

Who attends your events?

People who attend our events are among Canada’s business, academic and government leaders. We also attract representatives of Canada’s major media outlets. Information can be effectively disseminated from the podium of the Economic Club to Bay Street and Main Street. What is said here resonates across Canada.

How does the Economic Club of Canada differ from other speaking venues in Canada?

We have a long-standing tradition of providing a memorable experience for our speakers, our audiences and our sponsors. The focus is on the person delivering the keynote address. Distractions are kept to a minimum, the audience is not separated from the speaker by a head table, and people’s valuable time is respected.

When are your events held?

We can schedule an event anytime of the day or night, whatever works best for you. However, the majority of our events are either breakfasts (7:45am-9:00am) or luncheons (11:45am-1:30pm). We also host a variety of private sessions. Contact Rhiannon Rosalind for more details.

Rhiannon Rosalind
President & CEO
Tel: 416-306-9934
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Where are the events held?

The Economic Club is a national organization with the ability to host events all across Canada. Typically our Toronto events are held right in the downtown core. We often choose venues that are located along the downtown PATH system providing our members and guests with quick and convenient access to our events.

How can I suggest a speaker to The Economic Club or speak myself?

We encourage people to suggest potential topics and speakers who are of interest. If you or someone you know would like to speak on our platform please contact Rhiannon Rosalind at 416-306-0899 or email her at

Are Economic Club events open to media?

Yes. Our events typically draw a wide range of local and national media coverage. Many of our events have been covered live on major television networks like the CBC, CTV, CNN and Fox.

How can a member of the media confirm their attendance at an Economic Club event?

All members of the media are officially accredited at the door. All media must bring valid media identification for event access and fill out the accreditation form in our Newsroom. All of our events are “media friendly” and equipped with all necessary lighting, pool feeds, working tables for journalists and wireless network access.

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